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miele cm6150 bean to cup review

Miele CM6150 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine Review

One of the most trusted and reliable household and commercial appliance brands is Miele. They have a range of products under their brand name, including washing machines, tumble dryers, vacuums, ovens, microwaves and lots more. One of the best products they have, which we are reviewing today is their Miele CM6150 bean to cup coffee machine. One of the best in the Coffee Kingdom.

With such a respectable, top of the range brand comes high prices unfortunately. But you will not be disappointed with the quality so you could consider it money well spent. This is certainly not the coffee machine for a beginner, but instead one for someone who is a massive coffee lover and is looking for a coffee machine that can deliver the most delicious coffee known to mankind.

The features and specifications of a Miele coffee machine are incomparable. This is partly why the price is a lot higher than most other coffee machines on the market. In this review we will take a look at what makes this specific coffee machine one of the best in the Miele range and whether or not you should get your hands on one of these.

How To Use

This coffee machine is so easy and convenient to use. There are no unnecessary buttons or dials. It can all be operated with a simple touch. This is so that anyone can easily understand how to make the perfect coffee without too much confusion and hassle. To be honest, you could do it without reading the instructions. It is that simple.


The design is nothing short of impeccable. The colour scheme you decide to choose is of course down to your preferences and what suits your kitchen. The coffee machine does look big but not in a way that is ugly, it looks modern and slick. There are no buttons sticking out of the machine, they are subtle and lay flat on the front surface of the machine, in a nice white font.

The machine itself is 25cm x 43cm x 36cm, which means it won’t take up too much space thankfully. A lot of the parts to this machine are removable, allowing you to clean it with ease and maintain that gleaming look. Some components can also be washed in the dishwasher, making your life a little easier!

The actual tray where the cups are positioned is made from stainless steel, it looks modern and contemporary. There are also ridges to stop spilt liquid from falling onto your kitchen worktop, or worse, your clothes. Instead it will remain on the tray and hopefully fall into the storage compartment where the liquid waste can then be disposed of.

You also have a milk tube aperture which you should clean regularly, the reason for this is you don’t want milk residue to build up, leaving a bad smell and also being very unhygienic. The water tank is big enough to accommodate 10 cups of tea on average before needing to be refilled. Although, we do recommend you change the water tank daily to keep it as fresh as possible, we don’t want your taste to be hindered in any way.


Remember that at the end of the day, the machine needs to understand how to make the perfect coffee for you. In order for this to happen, the machine will need to have produced a few coffees before the settings are right.

Like any new coffee machine, we always recommend giving it a few goes of making a coffee before actually then making one to try yourself and judge. Remember that with a machine like the CM6150 bean to cup coffee machine, there are a number of special features that you can alter, therefore don’t be distressed if the first one doesn’t come out right, just change some of the settings until you get a delicious coffee. What is good about this is you can then change the settings once you are ready to try something with a slightly different flavour.

There are so many tutorials online that you can read through in order to make the perfect coffee with the Miele CM6150 so if you are unsure, follow a guide. Don’t forget that an instruction manual also comes with the product itself.

Technical Details

Brand Miele
Model CM6150
Weight 11.52 kg
Power 1.5 KW
Voltage 240
Specials OneTouch, User Profiles

Quality Guarantee

Unlike a lot of coffee machines, this one offers a quality guarantee. What this means is that the Miele CM6150 has been put through third party testing to see how well it can produce coffees over long periods of time. Having passed the quality test, it means you can be reassured that this coffee machine will be able to produce mouth-watering coffees for many years to come.


We were taken back with how immense this coffee machine actually is. It has everything you could possibly need from a coffee machine and despite all the special features, it is actually really simple to use. It is more complicated than machines that use ESE Coffee pods, like the Tassimo and Dolce Gusto, but then again that isn’t always what everyone is after.

It is really hard to see where this machine has faults, but if we were to be very strict and judgemental then we would have to say that the only negative to this product is the fact that it doesn’t alert you when necessary. What we mean by this is the only way in which you can tell you are low on water is by checking the tank yourself. If you don’t do this then the machine won’t tell you and you will find out from a horrible noise from the back of the machine. 

The Miele CM6150 is one of our favourites, it has to be said. You can easily reset the machine if you do make any changes and alterations that you later don’t want anymore. It does have a self cleaning mode which is preferable because after a while having to clean out the machine thoroughly is not only time consuming but just annoying. Although, we do recommend maintaining the machine as best you can to get the most out of it.