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ESE Coffee Pods

Ese coffee pods

ESE coffee pods, also known as easy serve espresso coffee pods, is a method commonly used by coffee enthusiasts as an alternative to grinding coffee beans. They are also considered better than branded, more expensive, pods from big names such as Nespresso, Dolce Gusto or Tassimo.

Ese pods can only be used in espresso machines. They are much more convenient than grinding coffee beans and they eliminate the annoyance too (this being the loud noise and the mess of course).

At Coffee Kingdom, we want to provide you with an honest buying guide of the ESE coffee pods so you can make an informed decision of which ones are right for you. Once that decision is made, you can purchase one of the retailers listed below very easily by just using our click-through link.

Best ESE Coffee Pods

Due to the high demand of this product in particular, many manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and now provide coffee pods to consumers. This has made it increasingly difficult to determine which ones are best. Thankfully, we’ve done the research for you and can recommend our best ese coffee pods for you and how you can make them at home, saving you the hassle and money of going to a coffee shop.

Illy Classico Medium Espresso Coffee Paper Pods

Illy, the infamous Italian brand have created what we would describe as a delightful, congenial tasting ESE pods, possibly the best to ever grace the Earth. Now that is slightly dramatic but honestly, you will not be disappointed with this one.

They are authentic Italian quality and 100% Arabica beans. It has that unique smooth, rich flavour that’s been worked on for decades in order to make it perfect. An added bonus is they are suitable for vegetarians.

From reading many customer reviews, it seemed that most had the same opinion as us. It is price friendly and really will allow you to start the day right, feeling happy and satisfied with an immensely tasty coffee.

The pods themselves are very well dosed and the filter paper they’re enclosed in is environmentally friendly. This type of filter paper will also help to contain the flavours and smells for when you come to drink it.

PureGusto ESE Coffee Pods

If you like a pick and mix, then perhaps the PureGusto coffee pods are just what you need! Located in Bolton, Pure Gusto have created an awesome variety pack for consumers to enjoy. They have created a pack of 100 coffee pods, all different flavours, to leave you spoilt for choice.

All of the pods are vegan-friendly and have been freshly convection air roasted. They have been packed within an hour of them being roasted to make sure you can taste as much flavour as possible.

Even they are proud of the quality within these pods, having labelled them as “Arabica beans with a zest of monsooned Indian Robusta”. The pods themselves are also biodegradable so do not worry about the aftermath of disposing of them.

Caffè Borbone Coffee Compostable Pods

Now if you thought a pack of 100 different ESE pods was impressive, you’ll like this one even more! Caffe Borbone, a highly rated, prestigious name in the coffee industry has taken us all back with their vegetarian blue blend, packed with 150 compostable pods.

These pods contain the ultimate formula and balance of body, persistence and sweetness. It has an intense aroma and exquisite flavour. Another marvellous creation from our friends in Italy.

The pods come with a three-layer aluminium protective film to ensure the flavour remains sealed, ready to be released once you take that first sip. The packaging itself is nice, simple and recyclable. You can find many pod flavours such as red blend, black blend, gold blend and dek blend.

Again, these ESE pods meet customer satisfaction and have a whole host of positive reviews.

Note d’Espresso Arabica Coffee Paper Pods

The reason why Note d’Espresso Arabica coffee pods make it into our top 5 is not just because of the flavour, but they are also very well priced. They are cheaper than the other options listed above so more beneficial for those on a budget.

Within the Arabica pack, there’s a total of 150 pods to choose from. They are natural, gluten free and also sugar free. They are 100% natural coffee and have been roasted in Italy. They were created from years of precision and expertise within the coffee industry and have carefully sourced herbs and leaves and fresh fruity flavours.

Their pods are compatible with the vast majority of machines, which does include those from big named brands. In terms of flavours, they have the standard ones as well as some adventurous flavours for customers to enjoy. So if you want something that’s out of the ordinary, then this is a good choice.

Barista Italiano 100 ESE Paper Pods

Finally, reaching the top 5 is the Barista Italiano 100 ESE coffee paper pods. The quality of these pods is incredible. They have labelled the taste of these pods as being unforgettable which really says all you need to know. The ground coffee beans are precious and made to offer an immense aftertaste and sensation that is intense, but in a good way.

They are of course made in Italy like a lot of the quality goods. As a company, they really care for their customers and want to present them with quality and unmistakable flavour. Their best flavours that they would recommend are the Cremoso Top Espresso – Piazza di Spagna and the Intenso Napoletano – Piazza del Plebiscito. The first is rich and intense, with a beautiful aftertaste of cocoa and the other is strong and rich in quality.

This is one of the best ESE coffee pod creations that we’ve come across that not only wants to target your taste buds but also your emotion. They are certainly competitive on price and we recommend them to all coffee lovers out there. They way 0.9kg per pod and to top it off, they are Fairtrade.

How To Choose The Best ESE Coffee Pods

You may be wondering why we have positioned those pods in that particular order and how we determine which are the best coffee pods. Well truthfully, tastes and preferences can be a factor in deciding this and of course, we all have different taste buds so who’s to say our choice will be yours?

That is why we want to tell you how to choose the best ESE coffee pods so when you are looking through various ones, you know what key indicators to lookout for.

  • Must be produced using coffee beans of high quality.
  • Ethically sourced.
  • Sealed pods to keep them in their best condition.
  • The number of pods in the pack.
  • How compatible they are with coffee machines.
  • Flavour.
  • Price.


How To Use Coffee Pods

ESE coffee pods are extremely easy to use, hence why they are called easy serve espresso. They remove the efforts of needing to grind your own coffee which only takes longer and isn’t very efficient when in desperate need of that coffee fix.

The ESE pods are very easy to use, you can’t really get it wrong. All that is required is to put them into your coffee machine filter and away you go.

Please remember that these pods cannot be used in typical coffee pod machines. They are not like the ones suited for Nespresso, Tassimo or Bosch. These are different. Think of them as tea bad alternatives rather than coffee pod machine supplements. You can only use them in espresso machines. If you have an espresso machine then you are able to purchase and use these ESE pods as long as the machine has a filter basket as the pods go into the basket.

Once the pod has been used and you have your coffee, you can dispose of the ESE coffee pod by simply putting it in the bin.

What Machines Take ESE Pods?

All espresso machines that label themselves as being compatible with ESE pods will be suitable. If you read through the user manual or the description prior to purchasing one, you will see if the machine is compatible or not.

If you have a coffee machine like a bean to cup coffee machine, you can also use these ESE pods. The reason being is because it has a coffee bean grinder pre-installed into the machine. The only downside to bean to cup grinder machines is the price in comparison to your standard espresso machine.

Note: You can’t use two pods at once.

Do They Taste Good?

One of the major benefits to ESE pods is the convenience of it. They are so quick and handy. At the expense of this, the flavour isn’t as good as perhaps other forms of coffee, such as freshly ground. The reason for that is because the coffee in the pods is pre-made. You don’t need to grind coffee that comes in a pod, so that is quicker for you but it means it isn’t fresh.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean to say that these coffees don’t taste nice at all. In fact, they are delicious. You can really enjoy a nice espresso thanks to these pods. One pod is enough for a single espresso. If you want a double espresso then simply use 2 pods for your coffee. If you want to add milk to it, you can do that as well and make it into a latte. There are different ways to make coffees with these pods and you have the ability to change the flavour if you want.

Comparing Coffee Bags vs Pods vs Instant

One of the most popular forms of coffee is instant coffee. It’s quick and easy for sure, you can buy different amounts in a jar and store it away. You are able to take from it whenever you want a coffee, add some water, maybe some milk and sugar, give it a nice stir and there you go. It’s also a cheap way of consuming coffee, especially if you buy non-branded coffee. The downside to this though is the flavour. In comparison to granules and pods, the flavour just doesn’t compete. The quality isn’t anywhere near as good, which to some may not be a problem. But when you decide to try these pods, you’ll soon notice the difference. People often get confused with instant coffee and ground coffee. Knowing the difference is easy, ground coffee has not yet been processed yet. Some customers like to do it themselves using a Cafetiere.

Coffee bags have never really been as popular as the others. In fact, you might never have come across them before despite how long they’ve been around. It doesn’t take much understanding to realise that they are essentially the same as tea bags. Like with tea bags, you simply put one in a mug, pour the hot water in allowing the coffee flavour to divulge in the water. Then once complete, remove the coffee bag and dispose of it, add your milk, sugar etc and you’re done.

Coffee pods, like ESE pods are completely different to instant and bags. You don’t add boiling water to a mug with a pod in it. These pods are so simple because they already include fresh coffee sealed within each one. All you need is an espresso machine, just like the extremely well functioning ones listed above. Simply add the pod to the espresso machine and within no time you’ll be rewarded with a fresh, delicious coffee.

ESE Coffee Pods FAQs

What Are ESE Coffee Pods?

ESE pods are convenient products that can be used to make a mouth-watering coffee. Really, they are that good. One thing to note is that ESE stands for easy serve espresso. What this means is you can only make espressos using these pods and they only work in an espresso coffee machine. However, once you have used one of the pods, you can then add milk and sugar to the espresso to turn it into a latte or other coffees if you wish. Why not read up on the best latte flavours for your ESE pods?

Why Use Them?

They are extremely easy to use. Perhaps the most convenient way to make a tasty coffee. They don’t make any mess and are so easy to dispose of. On top of this, unlike instant coffee, they are fresh as well. The pods are sealed in order to maintain freshness, which is different to having a jar full of instant coffee which has been frozen. If you prefer not to use coffee pods and want a machine that uses fresh beans, then check out this Delonghi Autentica.

Where Can I Buy Them?

ESE pods are everywhere. Simply click through any of the links above and you can find those exact pods as well as other recommended pods, all with reviews and ratings. Easy serving espresso is also easy to buy!

What Are The Best ESE Coffee Pods?

This is really down to tastes and preferences. Everyone enjoys different types of coffee pods as each ESE pod tastes different, but we have listed our top choices in this article. If you want to try them for yourself you can click on the products and find the cheapest place to purchase them.

What Size Are They?

Another advantage of ESE coffee pods is the size of them. They only contain 7g of ground espresso coffee within them and the actual pod itself has a diameter of 44mm.

What Does ESE stand for?

ESE stands for easy serving espresso. The term is based on the fact that it is easier to use rather than freshly ground coffee. The best ESE pod will also taste better than most in our opinion. We recommend the Nespresso pods if you are new to easy serving espresso.

What ESE pod Should I Try As A Beginner?

Start with the dolce gusto pods first in our opinion. They are the most commonly used pre ground coffee and work with any Nespresso machines.